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3d inspection

Safeco Home Inspections uses 3D inspection software and state of the art testing equipment.


Why get a pre-sale home inspection?
A pre-sale home inspection best serve the interests of all parties involved, but particularly benefits the "Seller". Here is the reasons why:

  • Seller Has More Leverage
  • Fewer Surprises
  • Less Litigation
  • Less re-negotiations
  • Higher Sales price

People often live in their home for years, even decades and are absolutely certain they know their house and all its flaws; this is seldom true in our experience. An experienced home inspector sees a property from an objective perspective with years of construction knowledge, specialized defect recognition training and practical experience.  

A pre-sale inspection can protect the seller from serious problems that result from non-disclosure.  Almost all homes have defects that the buyer will want repaired. Fear of those unknown costs will almost certainly lead to last minute negotiation.

Knowing the condition of the home prior to marketing gives the seller an opportunity to address certain repair issues in the way they choose, and to hire the contractors of their choice providing legitimate receipts for services or repairs.  A key advantage is flexibility and how best to respond to various repair issues given the specific circumstance of the seller. They may choose to repair the items, some of the items or none of the items.



When the seller has an accurate and unbiased assessment of the home and its condition they are more likely to price it effectively and receive realistic offers. It can also significantly reduce the chances of the deal falling apart during the final negotiations.  Addressing faulty items through active acknowledgement is encouraging to buyers as they like to perceive the sellers as forthright.

ASHI reminds homeowners that a home purchase is not the only time to consider scheduling a home inspection. Even if you plan to remain in your home for several years, the benefits of a home inspection are invaluable.  Homeowners should schedule a maintenance inspection every three to five years to identify problems before they become costly repairs. A home inspection can also help homeowners identify potential issues as part of a major remodeling or renovation project.

"Even as the economy begins to bounce back, it is still so important for homeowners to plan ahead and protect their investment," said David Tamny, ASHI president." A basic maintenance home inspection can save the consumer the cost and inconvenience of an expensive repair down the road. An ASHI certified home inspector can often spot potential problems before the damage happens."

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